"Thanks to our generous sponsors, we raised $6,407 to benefit Legal Services of Northern Virginia, the Bar Foundation, and music scholarships at NOVA... There is no better way to do so much good for so many, all while listening to some hot jazz!"

FIRST Jazz4Justice concert in Alexandria, Virginia.

A wonderful tradition with Jazz4Justice is the POST-CONCERT JAM SESSION. Audience members of all ages are encouraged to bring their instruments to the concert and play with the musicians after the concert. It's great to watch young, budding musicians join in with the older students.

"It's something that could work anywhere. I want people to copy this."

- Ed Weiner, Founder ​

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Success of a Jazz4JusticeTM concert is based on a partnership between a university’s Jazz program and a local legal entity. Once all funds have been collected, the proceeds are evenly divided between partners. 

​Contact Us
​Once you've decided to bring Jazz4Justice to your community, contact us so that we can provide further details, answer questions, perhaps help you connect with a local partner, and provide you with resources to help with your event.


1.    Find a Partner
Successful programs have partnered schools with local Bar Associations, private law firms, and Legal Aid Services.​ We can help with this! Otherwise, schools might contact their State or County Bar Association for help identifying local agencies. 

2.    Select a Location
Your concert can be held at a variety of locations, including a campus venue, community center or local performing arts stage. The space should be in a centralized location with ample parking and accessibility for handicapped patrons.

3.    Assign Responsibilities
Identify potential committee members from all parties involved, including the venue. You’ll need individuals to accept primary responsibility for (at least): ticket sales, managing funds, venue coordination, selecting a guest conductor, marketing and merchandise.

4.    Select a Date and Time
Timing is crucial! Avoid scheduling conflicts with other events taking place in your community. Remember that the scheduling window is often shortened by working with an academic calendar.

5.    Select a Guest Conductor
A fun part of the Jazz4Justice concerts is the inclusion of a Guest Conductor. It can be a real compliment to be selected for this position! Past guest conductors have included attorneys, local media personalities, university staff, and loyal sponsors from the community.

6.    Marketing
​Sponsorships bring in the largest proceeds, so it's time to dust off your networking skills! Marketing is very important to the success of your program, and you'll need to look at what methods work well for each partner. Committee members should communicate regularly to ensure they are not duplicating efforts. Visit our Marketing page for ideas that have been successful with past concerts. 

7.    Merchandise
We have merchandise such as hats, shirts and pins available for purchase. We endeavor to keep the cost as low as possible so that you will be able to set your own price and gain proceeds from sales. Contact us for details. ​