"It's a win-win for the students, the school and the legal community."

- Ed Weiner

"I look forward to the Jazz 4 Justice concert each year. I didn't realize how my performing could impact others until this concert."

- GMU Graduate '10

University of Mary Washington Jazz4Justice

"Thanks to the scholarship I received from Jazz 4 Justice I was able to complete my degree in Jazz Studies at George Mason University and am now a Teaching Fellow..."

- GMU Graduate '09

"There's really significant good that comes out of this concert. It's not just about filling seats at a concert."

- Professor Jim Carroll, ​George Mason University (GMU)

I know how important this cause is. I promise that we will work hard to nurture your concept of jazz and justice for all in the Fredericksburg region. When we see our event grow from 300 to 500 attendees in just one year, that tells me that your idea 'has legs!'

Because of Jazz4Justice, domestic violence victims will be protected, homeless people will be helped, and vulnerable people in poverty will have their rights protected.

- Rappahannock Legal Services, Fredericksburg VA